Ina Klepper

Assist Me

The aim of this project was to create a better shopping experience for the customer in clothing stores.

Whereas online you get suggestions about other items you might like and other sizes and colors that are available, this still does not happen in physical stores.Assist me aims to bring that shopping comfort to the user.

Assist Me - An Interactive Shopping Assistant from Ina Klepper on Vimeo.

The clothing bar also functions as a phone holder that you can use while switching between using the app, and changing your clothes.

Assist me is not meant to be a brand by itself, but a service that can be customized to fit with a specific clothing store. The basic design of the 3 pieces (clothing bar with phone holder, clothing label and app) allows

By integrating RFID chips in the clothing label and an RFID reader in the clothing bar, your changing room becomes aware of what the consumer has brought with them and can communicate this with them through an app on their phone.