Ina Klepper


A set of Smart Containers

These containers were designed for storing your dried goods in your cabinet. Rice, Coffee, Flour, Pasta, and Sugar.

Standing in the supermarket you often don't remember how much of these you have left. You either have to buy more, or come home to realize that you don't have enough to cook dinner that night, and go back to the supermarket again.

By communicating with an app on your phone, these containers will tell you exactly how much is left in them based on the amount of people you can still serve.

Opening screen

Opening Screen


Overview of your containers. When you click on one you will get the specifics of that container.


The background of your app tells you wether you are consuming healthy amounts of this specific product. The more red it gets, the less healthy your consumption pattern is.

The symbols on the side show you how many portions are left in your container

container2 container3

The container shown above is emptied at a healthy rate, keeping the background green.

container4 container5

Here the contents of the container are consumed at an unhealthy rate. For example too much sugar per day, too much carbohydrates and so on. The app warns you by coloring the background red when your consumption reaches unhealthy proportions.