Ina Klepper

Shower Meter

On average you use 7 liters of water a minute while showering. This means we use 210 liters if we shower for 30 minutes and 420 liters if we would shower for an hour.

People think a bathtub is a waste of water but a bathtub “only” has an average content of a 120 to a 150 liters of water. You would use less water sitting in a bathtub for half an hour than to stand that long in a shower.

Numbers show that we, on average, use 130 liters of water a day in the Netherlands per person. In Africa this is on average only 20 to 30 liters per person a day.

People don’t have a visual while showering of how much they are using. This means they don’t seem to realize how much water has already been spilled.

Through a little pinhole in the hose above the shower meter, drops of water drip down into it. The shower meter collects a percentage of the water that is used while showering.

In the meter sits a red floater that rises with the water level.