Ina Klepper

the Limburgse Vlaai

me with my limburgian vlaai

For the Department Leisure I had to do research on a typical Dutch leisure time. I chose the "Limburgse Vlaai". This typical dutch type of pie is very common in the southern Dutch province Limburg where my mother is from. I went to Maastricht to the Bisschopsmolen and participated in a workshop teaching me how to bake a limburgse vlaai. Out of my research and this trip I made a magazine spread which summarizes my research, and a start on a recipe book about the Limburgse vlaai. Below you can download the PDF's to see them.

Pictures of the presentation

leisure presentation leisure presentation2 leisure presentation3 leisure presentation 4 leisure presentation 5 leisure presentation 6

Downloads of magazine and recipe booklet

Download PDF Magazine

Download PDF Recipe book