Ina Klepper

In the slideshow you can see a collection of work I have done before starting the Design Academy. And a collection of works that are not product design related done while attending school.

Paintings 1.5 m x 2 m



Color Study

color study

Flower Still Life


Self Study

self study

Self Study 2

Self study 2

Nose Perspective


Self Study Three

self portrait

Miniature Paintings

Where is Alice?


As a Bride

As a Bride

As a Hunter

As a Hunter

My First Childhood Memory


Self Portrait One


Self Portrait Two


Flash assignment

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During Markt we had to learn how to use flash. I got inspired by an old schooltv program called "huisje, boompje, beestje".

End Presentation Market 1

Here are some pictures of the final evaluation of market 1. The middle 12 compositions hanging up are mine, the partials on the left and right are from class mates.

peter thijs peter thijs 2 tafel presentatie 2 presentatie tafel 3