Intimate Light

I feel fine with transparancy and opaqueness. With gradiations. I love lace combined with very opaque fabrics. See through and not see through next to eachother is what makes me feel fine. I tried to find a way to translate these gradiations into a curtain.
Both of my grandmothers used to knit quite a lot when I was little, I think all grandma’s do but for me this amplified the feeling fine. This old familiar technique. The wool that I used is very soft which makes it nice to touch and comfortable. This adds to the “I feel fine” mood, but also the light that comes through the curtain softens because it doesn’t enter the room directly.
It creates privacy by being opaque at the bottom but let’s in enough light by being almost completely transparent at the top. The curtain becomes heavier when it becomes more opaque. By being heavier at the bottom, it also pulls the curtain down naturally making it hang nicely


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